Todd Howard Drops Hint About Production of Upcoming Bethesda Game

It may feel like just yesterday, but it was actually three years ago that Bethesda made the surprise announcement of Fallout 4 and released the game just a few months later.

With Bethesda’s E3 2018 presentation confirmed, the gaming community is already starting to speculate about titles the company could surprise us with this summer.

Many fans have been theorizing that the company is, once again, far along in the development of a secret new project. During a recent interview between Ted Price and Bethesda’s Todd Howard, the director may have dropped a hint about the production of a new game title.


During the interview, Price was asking Howard about a new animation engine that the studio is currently working on and Howard explained that the new engine is currently in use for a new project that is in pre-production, but that the project that is currently in full production is still using the existing system.


Although Howard is talking about the engines and not the projects, many listeners are clinging on to the mention of a game in “full production.” The hope is that this title is very far along and that, hopefully, Bethesda may be announcing the game within a few months at E3 (or shortly before). At this point, that is all pure speculation amongst the Bethesda fanbase and no actual progress updates have been shared.

Howard didn’t make any other significant mentions of unannounced projects, so we’re still in the dark as far as other details are concerned. Recent job listings at the studio called for a quest designer, so clearly something is in the works. As soon as more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to share it here.

There is currently no confirmed title or release date for the next major Bethesda project.

Source: AIAS

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