‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Hits An Insane Sales Milestone

Tokyo Ghoul fans are having a big year as not only has the third season of the anime, Tokyo Ghoul:re, premiered, Sui Ishida’s original manga is still running strong. In fact, its sales numbers have even hit a new record high in Japan.

In Japan in 2017, the Tokyo Ghoul series sold over 6.6 million copies, making it the second highest selling manga series of the year.

In the numbers gathered by Oricon in Japan (as reported by MangaMag), the Tokyo Ghoul series sold about 6,677,999 copies across both Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re. This is an especially huge accomplishment given the top ranking series is One Piece at 11 million print copies, and now Tokyo Ghoul outsold popular series such as Kingdom, Attack on Titan, and even My Hero Academia.

This does prove that although the hype for Tokyo Ghoul is not as pervasive as other series, it does have a dedicated fan base that will support their favorite series for as long as it exists. That’s the sign of a series with real staying power.


Tokyo Ghoul: re is set two years after the events of the original series and follows Haise Sasaki, a member of the CCG and leader of a special squad of investigators who have implanted the CCG’s specialty weapon, the Quinque, into their bodies and essentially have become half ghoul. The kicker, however, is that Haise is actually Ken Kaneki from the original series who’s suffering from a bout of amnesia.

Directed by Odahiro Watanabe with characters designed by Atsuko Nakajima, the series features the voices of Natsuki Hanae as Haise Sasaki, Kaito Ishikawa as Kuki Urie, Yuma Uchida as Ginshi Shirazu, Natsumi Fujiwara as Tooru Mutsuki, Ayane Sakura as Saiko Yonebayashi, Mamoru Miyano as Shuu Tsukiyama, Yu Kobayashi as Kanae von Rosewald, Daisuke Namikawa as Arima Kishou, and Asami Seto as Akira Mado.

For those unfamiliar with Tokyo Ghoul, the series was original created by Sui Ishida. The story follows Ken Kaneki, a student who survives an encounter with his date, who turns out to be a ghoul. Kaneki’s world is filled with Ghouls, beings who eat humans, and they’ve been living among humans in secret. After surviving this attack he wakes up to realize that he himself has become a ghoul because of a surgery that implanted organs from the ghoul who attacked him. In order to live somewhat a normal life, Kaneki needs to eat human flesh to survive. Luckily he’s taken in by a group of ghouls at the cafe Anteiku, who help him reintegrate into society.

via MangaMag

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